Cat’s Track #127 – Marina Theron-Monnery – Festive Voices

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 127, with guest Marina Theron-Monnery.

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Marina Theron-Monnery (Co-owner) moved to Canada from South Africa in 2000. Marina started to perform in public from the age of 5 and never stopped. She sang opera with PACOFS and PACT in South Africa and became a member of the Calgary Opera chorus after her immigration.

In 2007 Marina had a chance to perform in Los Angeles and that forever changed her musical path.  She can now be seen as the lead vocalist for some big bands in Calgary and has written and recorded many songs. 

Since 2010, Marina has been part of an a capella carolling group, and even though she is naturally a soprano, she loves to sing harmonies and became an alto by choice.

When the need for Festive Voices was established, Marina was happy to bring her Marketing experience and never ending energy to the group.