Cat’s Track #145 – Carolynne Simons

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 145, with guest Carolynne Simons.

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Carolynne Simons is a health and wellness consultant based in Milton, Ontario. As a strength and endurance coach, combining her areas of study in business and health fueled an entrepreneurial mindset early on. She is the director of Stay Fit Plans Inc with 14 years of health and wellness industry experience while partnering with leading global health care organizations. Her coaching platform places priority on tailoring programs that are digitally customized for the client or organization, ensuring a long term focus on health. Carolynne is training towards her fourth consecutive ITU Multisport World Championship on Team Canada representing women 35-39. She’s constantly building a network of clients and skilled health care workers to manage the demands of changing health care practices. Fortunately, she discovered that her skill set can co-exist in both athletic and corporate arenas. Her philosophy is that “Exercise moves with your life, build regiments, adapt, change them”.