Cat’s Track #164 – Hank Fordham

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 164, with guest Hank Fordham.

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A world-class hacker with over 15 years of intensive self-study into the mystical world of Cyberspace. Internationally recognized within both the criminal and righteous world of the Cyber Hacker. Hank Fordham has appeared in numerous speaking engagements and most notably appeared as a guest on the Dr. Phil show. Currently co-authoring a book, Cyber Space and Beyond; Hank embodies the epitome of human genius who has captured the chaotic world of the mind of the hacker and found noble structure in the pursuit of furthering the genius of hackers concurrent with providing protection and justice for humanity on a global basis. Hank is now the Managing Director of Hacker Mentorship for Centurion Defence the world’s first leader in the strategic development of hacker genius.