Cat’s Track #179 – Adam O’Brien

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 179, with guest Adam O’Brien.

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As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin Well, Adam O’Brien is a leading advocate for education, consumer protection and the decentralization of banking systems. In 2013, Adam bought his first Bitcoin, and after seeing the potential growth within the space, he purchased and installed Bitcoin ATMs at strategic locations across Canada. Given the exponential growth of the market, he founded Bitcoin Well, which is poised to become the first publicly traded Bitcoin ATM company in the world within the fourth quarter of 2020. Adam serves as Co-chair of the Fintech Committee for the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, Canada’s largest non-profit network of blockchain companies and influencers. He is recognized as a true visionary in the field and strives to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for everyone around the world.