Cat’s Track #182 – Brandon Carbol

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 182, with guest Brandon Carbol.

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 Brandon Carbol is the current President and CEO of Weatherskin Corporation, and a lifelong resident of Calgary Alberta, Canada. Brandon has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, venturing into a multitude of business ventures since completing his formal education in Print & Media Design. Later acquiring the skillset of a carpenter, Brandon had success in the custom construction / design-build sector for over a decade. Quality of work, and the special attention given to both the client(s) and the project(s) set his work apart from the competition. The marketing education, understanding the importance of quality control and proper communication, having an artistic eye for design and presentation; all combined to make an excellent foundation for businesses’ yet to come.

After selling Off Road Trailers Inc. a short lived, but fun venture, and leaving his carpentry company in good hands, Brandon needed a change. He had developed a passion for product design and wanted to step away from the service-based business model he was used to. Brandon was very interested in environmental products that applied to construction, which aligned with the near-future trends of the global market. Above all else, he was interested in high-performance products that delivered on their claims.

In 2016, Brandon became a founding member of Weatherskin Corporation, accompanied by his long-time friend and business partner, Marwan Hilal. Through the continued support of their current and past staff, work colleagues, strategic partners, advisors, families and friends, the pair have managed to build Weatherskin into a premier Canadian construction coatings brand. The firm maintains Eco-centred values, quality products and customer protection at its core. The challenges to deliver new chemistry to market(s) are vast; obstacles include governments, food and drug regulatory bodies, and of course competition. Brandon loves both the challenge’s and working in a market that regulates quality so strictly yet is so keen to support innovation and new ideas.

Above all else, Brandon attributes hard and devoted work ethic to his successes in both his personal and work life. Daily renewal of willingness, passion, and persistence is the key ingredient.

“Every successful person I have met; people who have set a seemingly impossible goal for themselves and gone after that goal…. they all seem to know the power of self-affirmation and positive, solution-based thinking. Ones’ critics, which are most people it seems, are great definers of the obvious challenges and problem(s), and that is fine… problems need identifying. Ignoring problems is ignoring reality. But the people who overcome these obstacles, they have a seemingly unique ability to emotionally disassociate themselves from the problem(s) to find a solution, and a way to persevere. They do not give up under the weight of obstacles or failures. They take continuous action. They do not quit. They surround themselves with other like-minded problem solvers and in-turn empower those individuals or companies to reach their dreams as well. I hope to someday be considered successful in my endeavors, not because of where I got to, but because I did not give up on myself, my ambitions, or the hopes and dreams of others during the journey.” – Brandon Carbol