Cat’s Track 204 – Sandra Clarkson

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 204, with guest Sandra Clarkson.

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Sandra Clarkson has been with the DI since January 2017 and is committed to ending chronic homelessness in the city of Calgary through the power of collaboration, transparency, and accountability. The DI offers low barrier, housing-focused emergency shelter aimed at resolving experiences of homelessness quickly and permanently. In addition to shelter, the DI provides affordable housing options and a free goods program for low-income Calgarians. Sandra understands the critical role the DI plays in the spectrum of care for single homeless adults in Calgary and brings a wealth of experience as an advocate for operational excellence; as an accomplished project manager who empowers high-performance teams; and as a strong community collaborator with a vision to create opportunities that result in long-term systemic improvements for citizens in need.

As co-chair of the Canadian Shelter Transformation Network, Sandra is committed to propelling the movement to housing-focused emergency shelter as the standard for front-line homeless services across Canada.

Check out her story and more in the video!