Cat’s Track #22 – Chris Maksylewicz

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 22, with guest Chris Maksylewicz.

Chris Maksylewicz (Mack-sill-a-witch), or Chris Mak as he is more commonly known, is based in Edmonton, Alberta where he currently resides with his wife Stephanie and is the Executive Director of the Erika Legacy Foundation, as well as the President and CEO of Mad Hatter Marketing. As the Director of The Erika Legacy foundation he has guided the non-profit since its inception in 2016 after his ex wife Erika died at the age of 29 by suicide. Since then, the foundation has redefined what causes suicide and mental health and how it can be prevented by keeping to their 3 goals.

1. Partnering with and supporting the research and study of the science behind suicide and mental illness.

2. Using those scientific findings in neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and technology to then create highly engaging programs and campaigns that educate people and increase awareness of suicide and the impact it has on our societies.

3. Inspiring those people to educate others and spread the word of hope, resiliency, and a reason for living within their communities and abroad.

Chris’ first partnership for the Erika Legacy Foundation was with WE, a youth-based charity based out of Toronto. The Erika Legacy foundation and WE have developed a program for youth grades 3-12 that is taught within their existing classrooms at school. WE-WELLBEING teaches youth the science behind suicide and mental health, as well as useful skills such as mindfulness, empathy, social justice, and how to break the stigma regarding these issues. Currently the program is in over 10,000 schools and within the next 3 years will be taught to upwards of 3 million youth yearly.

Since then, The Erika Legacy foundation has built partnerships in technology, scientific research and medicine that will truly change the way youth, adults, families, businesses, and communities think, talk, and act about suicide and mental health.

An influential leader, entrepreneur, public speaker and advocate, Chris strongly believes that there is greatness within all people and change can happen if one is open to the possibility.