Cat’s Track #4 – Gerald Auger

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 4, with guest Gerald Auger.

Biography of Gerald Auger — Entrepreneur, National Native Role Model, Motivational Speaker and Indigenous Relations Consultant.

Gerald Auger of Woodland Cree decent is a father to a son and grandfather to two grandchildren. He graduated from Business Administration specializing in Marketing Management & Small Business Management. In 1996/1997 Auger was awarded the National Native Role Model by the Governor General of Canada and spent the next two years visiting more than 30 communities across Canada, inspiring his Indigenous peers, relating stories about his experiences and bonding with locals through cultural events and ceremonies. Recipient of the Rotary International Integrity Award for the Avenue of Nations in Alberta, past Board Member of Mamowe Capital Regional Authority for Children and Family, Chair for the Aboriginal Advisory Group to Region 10 Authority, founded the first Indigenous Toastmasters Club in Canada and accomplished, award winning Director and Actor. 

Gerald went from living a troubled youth to spending 20 years working with Hollywood as an actor in a variety of films and television series. Gerald made a choice to take a break from life in 2009 and returned back to his traditional territory, traditional teachings, spiritual way of life, and continue his healing journey.  He had been learning and practicing traditional knowledge & practicing ceremony for 20 plus years.

Since completing his six-year sabbatical in 2015, Gerald’s focus has been bridging the gap between Indigenous communities and the western world. His focus has shifted, due to direction from his Indigenous Elders and from participating in land-based ceremonies, to building, nurturing and developing Industry and Indigenous relations in the last 3 years. This new focus is to create mutual understanding and respect, through truth and reconciliation, for Industry and Indigenous involved in oil, gas and energy. A paradigm shift, through love, light and unity needs to happen within our country to be able reap abundance and prosperity for our children and their children’s children. In order for Industry and Indigenous to walk together in unity, both must come to understand authentic ancestral protocol and traditional knowledge.