Cat’s Track #88 – Audrey Kwan

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 88, with guest Audrey Kwan.

As one of the few female Portfolio Managers in Calgary, Audrey encourages women to embrace and undertake the wealth conversation with the right information and advice to make decisions that affect their life goals. Audrey takes her role as the steward of her clients’ assets very seriously. Her diverse background has helped her to advise a wide range of individuals with different levels of investment knowledge and equity market experience. Audrey takes a uniquely personal approach to managing wealth; founded on one-on-one relationships, approachability, relatability and open conversations. The longevity of her client relationships and the multi-generational nature of many of these relationships is testament to her unique client rapport.

Along with her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Calgary, Audrey holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FSCI®), and the Personal Financial Planner designations.

Audrey was crowned the very first Miss Calgary Chinatown title in 1986 by Mayor Ralph Klein. She proudly represented her Chinese culture and heritage around Calgary which led to many opportunities to build upon her career. One of her most cherished memories was promoting Calgary and the Winter 88 Olympics during her ambassador trip to Hong Kong. Since then, the travel bug has brought Audrey and her husband to many amazing places around the world and she looks forward to the days of international travel again.

Audrey welcomes the opportunity to discuss your personal and financial goals over a virtual coffee and may be reached at……

Twitter: @audreykwan_td