Mark Taylor, P.Eng

Career Transition Roundtable

There is a quote from Confucius that is really applicable to the Career Transition Roundtable, “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.”

I had the honour of joining some fantastic people at a recent roundtable led by Catherine and her team. It was an intense morning learning about the various skills sets to get my career to the level I want it at. Getting a better understanding how human resources reviews my resume, how to effectively network and ultimately challenging me to define what I want to do with my life (not just my career) were just some of the tools I got from the roundtable.

I am exceptionally thankful to Catherine for the opportunity to attend the roundtable as well as being given the tools to excel in my future opportunities. It was definitely a great experience and I can say that I do know quite a bit more than I did before I walked in that morning.

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